Below is a short video of the Dubai Tram arriving at the Palm Jumeirah  tram station – it has come from the direction of the depot and is heading towards the Marina – the tram station links up with the Palm Monorail if you cross the bridge over the road. The tram doesn’t run particularly quickly but the stations are quite close to each other and there are often trams running across the roadways so safety has to be taken into account.

And here is an ‘artist’s impression’ video created by The Emirates Development Network showing the al Sufouh Tram running along between the marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence. It gives quite a nice feel of how and where the tram will run and stop (if being slightly light on the traffic!).

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    1. kaweesa Edward

      I really really love Dubai tram way it is really interesting I wish I could get achance and work on one of the stations.


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