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Dubai Tram Timings – Eid al Adha 2017

The RTA has announced the timings for all of the Dubai public transport services over the Eid al Adha holiday period. This runs from Thursday 31st August until Saturday 3rd September.

The announcement confirms that there will be no changes to the running hours of the Dubai Tram over the weekend. You can check out the running times in the FAQs.

Some services will be extended on other means of public transport (including the Dubai Metro for which you can find the details here), but not for the tram.

However, paid parking will be free (except for multi storey car parks) over the holiday period. Paid parking will resume on Monday 4th September.


Dubai Tram Timings for Eid al Fitr 2017

The RTA has announced the timings for the Dubai Tram on the occasion of Eid al Fitr 2017.

The timings of the tram have not changed from the normal operating hours which were also the same during Ramadan.

The timings of the tram are as follows:

Saturday to Thursday

6.30am until 1am the next day


9am until 1am the next day

You can check out the timings of the Dubai Metro during Eid al Fitr here.


Dubai Tram Ramadan 2017 Timings

dubai tram ramadanFor the holy month of Ramadan the RTA may change the timings of some of the public transport that runs in Dubai. Often the hours of the Dubai Metro are extended slightly but usually the hours for the Dubai Tram remain the same as usual.

The RTA has announced that for Ramadan 2017 (which is expected to begin on Saturday 27th May 2017),  the Dubai Tram will have the following operating hours:

Saturday to Thursday: from 6.30am to 1.00am

Friday: from 9.00am to 1.00am the following day.

New Year Operating Hours 2016

 The RTA has confirmed that, as per last year, the tram will be operating throughout the night on New Year’s Eve  to enable everyone to travel home from the new year celebrations. 

 Therefore, once the tram starts  operations on the morning of 31 December it will not stop running until 1 AM on 2 January.

They have also confirmed that the same will happen with the Dubai Metro which will operate throughout the night of 31st December.  The Metro will stop operating on midnight between the 1st and 2NFL of January which are the end of service normal operating hours.

The RTA  are trying to encourage people to use public transport over New Year to save the gridlock that often happened in the past.

 They will also be free parking available on 1 January  except at the fish market car park.

Al Hijri New Year Timings 2016

The RTA has announced the timings for the holiday of Al Hijri (New year) for 2016 and there is no change from the usual timings for Dubai Tram.

The tram will continue to run on Friday from 9am until 1am the next day and on Saturday it runs from 6.30am until 1am the following day.

Free parking has been announced in almost all paid parking zones on 2nd October (the exceptions being the Fish market car park and some multi story car parks).

Phases 2 and 3 of Tram Still Planned

The RTA has always had a plan that there would be different phases in the development and expansion of the Dubai Tram system.

Although there were some hold ups on the construction of the tram initially during the financial crisis, plans are still ongoing to extend the tram to other areas. Phase 2 of Dubai Tram plans to extend to tourist destinations like the Burj al Arab, Madinat Jumeirah and Mall of the Emirates.

This would once again link the tram up with the Dubai metro which would give users more options in covering further areas of Dubai using public transport.

Tenders are currently being sought for the construction of phase 2 and further announcements will be made by the RTA in due course.

Phase 3 of the Tram is also in the planning stage and could see the extension of the line to 2nd December Street.